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The American Bead, Jewelry, Gift and Merchandise Show features National Exhibitors and Suppliers selling a wide variety of Natural Gemstone Beads, Costume Jewelry, Beading Supplies, Natural Pearls for Making Jewelry, Wholesale and Retail Jewelry Chains, Retail and Wholesale Fashion Accessories, Antique Beads and Components for Making all types of Cool Trendy and Vintage Jewelry, Gift, Merchandise, Vintage Jewelry Components, Handmade Jewelry, Supplies for Hobby Projects, Craft Supplies, Trendy Leather Jewelry and Accessories, Gem and Mineral, Crystals, and other wholesale and Retail items to start an online or Part-time Home Business.

Our Shows are attended by Artist, Stores and Galleries as well as the public, and feature wholesale and retail vendors.

    • Buy Retail or Wholesale from National Exhibitors
    • Buy Ready to Wear Jewelry, Gifts and Merchandise
    • Find Supplies to Make Jewelry and Gift for Sale online
    • Buy Handmade Jewelry and Gift, and Connect with other Designers
    • Connect with Jewelry Designers that Make Wedding Jewelry
    • Buy Jewelry, Gift and Craft Making Supplies for incredibly low prices
    • Browse the latest Colors in Gemstones, Semi-Precious Stones, and Jewelry Supplies
    • Buy Fashion Accessories, Supplies for Hobbyist, Artists, Artisans , Cool Jewelry, etc

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