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Teach a Class

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Class Types

There are three ways to offer Classes through our Site.

  • Teach Classes at our Shows during Show Hours
  • Teach Classes here on our site
  • Post a Class you are offering at a location of your Choice
  • To Start:

  • Register as an Instructor
  • Post Your Class Material and Information as in Step 1
  • State if the Class if FREE or a PAID Class
  • Upload Audio and Other Material for the Class
  • We Review and Approve the Class
  • The Class is then Published to the Public
  • Students pay for the class and you get a commission
  • If your Class is not approved within 3 days, contact us
  • Option-1: Teach a Class at Our Shows During Show Hours

    If you are offering classes that will be given at Our Show locations only, the Classes must be offered on Days that match our show calendar, at the City and Location of the Show. Student would only be able to take those classes on the day of the Show, during Show hours. Instructors must note the following on the Class Details when posting a class:


    Teach Classes here on our site

    If you are offering classes here at our site only, students would be required to pay just once for the class, and have access to the class material on line for a minimum of 3 months starting from when the class is paid for.


    Post a Class you are offering at a location of your Choice

    If you are an instructor that wants to offer classes in your community, or as a Bead Society or Organization, you will need to first locate a place to offer your classes and make arrangement with the location to use their facility. Once that is done, you may use our site to publicize your classes and refer students to our site in your campaign to signup Students. Visitors to our site would also be able to see classes offered in your area, and can signup here.

    Class Locations must be a Publicly Safe Place like a Library, Craft Store, School, Gallery, Book Store, Bead Store or a Public Venue.

    >Classes Posted Must Include the following:

  • Class Overview
  • Class Cost and if Cost Included Material, and what else the cost covers
  • If Students can bring their own materials or not
  • Class Duration or Hours
  • Start and End Time for each Class Session
  • Registration information
  • Instructor Contact Info
  • Class Commission

  • Online Classes: 20% of Total Class Cost
  • Show Classes: $25 for Table Booth Space, plus $8 per Student
  • Alternate Location Classes: 15% of Total Class Cost
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    Want to Attend Our Shows?

    Our Shows are open to the public. Re-Sellers and Businesses interested in buying bulk or Wholesale from vendors can do so with a Valid Re-Sale License. Our Shows are attended by Wholesale and Retail Suppliers, as well as vendors that can help supplier items specific to a Store or Designer’s needs.

    Attendees interested in receive a post card or discount passes to any of our Shows can join our customer mailing list. The Public is invited to all our Shows. Admission to all our Shows is a one time $5, Children under 11 get in for free. You may Join our Mailing List to receive discount coupons up to $2 for every Shows.

    Admission is FREE for Customers with a valid Business License.

    Join Our Mailing List

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    Make it a Fun Place for Everyone

    Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at the Shows. Animals and other Pets are not allowed at the Show. No fire arms or alcoholic drinks are allowed at the show, and all shows are smoke free.

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    Get Updates if a Show is Cancelled or Moved

    Some Shows may have to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances or circumstances imposed by Nature. In those cases we will post changes to the Show Schedule on our website, and send out Email notifications to customers on our mailing list.

    In some cases, shows may be cancelled even after post cards have been sent out to customers, and advertisements for the show have been published. We would “only send out Email notifications to customers” notifying them of changes to the planned Show.

    If you would like to be informed when a Show is Cancelled or Changes occur to a Show, Please use the link below to join our mailing list, or check our website before heading out to any of our Shows.

    Join Our Mailing List


    Bead & Jewelry Supplies

    • Beads & Beading Supplies, Pearls, Craft Tools
    • Jewelry Making Supplies, Ceramic Beads, Wearable Jewelry
    • Gemstone Beads, Vintage Components, Costume Jewelry
    • Swarovski Crystal, Seed Beads, Kumihimo, Lampwork, Tools
    • Supplies to Start a Jewelry Business


    Gifts, Craft and Other Items

    • Hand Made Items
    • Wearable Jewelry, Craft Supplies
    • Fashion Accessories, Vintage Jewelry & Chain
    • Leather Jewelry and Gifts
    • Gift Items, Costume Jewelry
    • Antique Jewelry
    • Gem and Mineral, Rough Gemstones, Settings
    • Cabochons, Pendants, Jewelry & Craft Findings
    • Pearls Beads and Jewelry, Amber Beads & Jewelry
    • Vintage Chains, Seed Beads, Silver & Copper Parts


    Wholesale Buyers

    Wholesale Buyers must present a valid Re-sale Certificate or Business License or Federal Tax ID in order to buy at Wholesale.
    Quantity Discounts are provided to Buyers by some vendors based on Quantity purchased. Please ask

    Take Classes or Meet Wholesale Suppliers

    Attend one of our Gift Shows and buy Wholesale from Direct Suppliers and Distributors for Re-Sale, or attend our Beads and Artist Supplies Show and Meet well known Instructors and Designers offering Classes in Jewelry Design Techniques and learn to make that one of a kind piece or gift for you, or someone special.

    Design Contest – Win a Free Booth

    Designers are invited to post their Designs on our Gallery Pages for a chance to win a Free Booth at one of our Shows. No Application is required. Designs will be reviewed and selected randomly based on evaluation by our staff or other Designers that we select to pick a winner. To enter the contest, signup as a designer, and upload your Design. All Designs are reviewed and approved before they are published. If your Design is not showing or published by us within 3 days, please contact us by email, by using our contact email.