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Sell Wholesale or Retail

Get a Chance to meet potential Retail and Wholesale Customers. All Shows are open to Wholesale and Retail Exhibitors, for Cash and Carry or Order Writing Sales. Whether you are an Artist, a Company Sales Rep, a Wholesaler or a Home Business, the Artisan Gift and Merchandise Show provides a platform for Meeting New Customers and Expanding or Launching you Business. Applications may be submitted by Email, fax or by Postal Service. Our Shows feature Vendors Selling Gifts, Fine Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Fine Craft, Clothing and Apparel, Fashion Accessories, Gourmet Products, Home Deco, Toys, Electronic Accessories, Artisan Hand Crafted Items, Antiques, Body and Beauty Products, etc.

To Submit an Application, click on the button below and submit both page 1 & 2 of the application by Email, fax or post.

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Exhibitor Guidelines


A copy of the Show rules and regulations is given below. Do not send copies of the rules with your application. Exhibitors may send pictures of their preset booth with their application, but this is optional. However, vendors are required to have proper table covers that extend to the floor, and of trade show quality, made from fabric.

Booth Layout

Tables for the Shows are 8ft long x 30 inches wide, if the venue is a Convention Center or Fairground, and 6ft x 30 inches if the venue is at a Hotel or Civic Center.

All Booth Pricing include Tables. Vendors are required to provide table coverings for their booth. Electricity is priced separately as shown on the Vendor Application form.

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Venue and Layout

Booth layout depends on the size and shape of the venue space. Typical layouts are shown on the Application form. The layout shown on the application may change depending on fire regulations and venue requirements.

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Show Changes & Cancellation Notice

Information regarding cancellation or changes to a Show are only sent out by Email to Customers and Vendors.


Wholesale & Retail Suppliers

The Artisan Gift Show is open to Wholesale and Retail Exhibitors, and to the Public. Buyers can buy at Wholesale if they present a valid Re-sale License or Business License.

Exhibit with Us

  • All Shows are held Indoor
  • Sell Wholesale and Retail
  • Sell Stores, Galleries and Boutiques
  • Reasonably Priced Booths with Extensive Advertisement


Featured Products

  • Gift and Merchandise Show
  • Fine and Costume Jewelry
  • Antique and Vintage Jewelry and Gifts
  • Clothing and Apparel
  • Body and Beauty Products
  • Home Deco and Handmade Artisan Items
  • Toys and Electronic Accessories
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Home Made Products, Woodwork, Art


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