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Register for Classes

Take Classes at Locally or at Our Show Venue


Customers who are interested in taking Classes at our shows or their Local Area can register on our site and pay for the Classes.   We have created a platform for Class Instructors to list their Classes on our website and offer them at our Show Venue or in their Local Area.


Local Class Locations

Local Classes can only be offered at a Michael’s Store, Hobby Lobby Store, Library, School, Retail Store, Bead Store, Civic Centers, Community Centers or a Public Location. 


Class at Our Show Locations

Classes can be offered at any of our Show Locations during the hours of the Show.   Our Bead and Jewelry and Merchandise Shows are held on Saturday from 10am – 5pm, & Sundays from 10am to 4pm.   


Class at Instructor’s Residence or Local Clubs

We do not recommend offering home Classes, though some Organizations and Groups do arrange Home Classes for their Registered Members.  Classes listed on our Website to be offered at an Instructor’s Residence will have to be pre-arranged between the Instructor and the Students, with our website serving as a Listing or Publication Platform Only for the Class. 


Students opting to register for Classes offered at an Instructor’s Residence or Teacher’s Listing Classes offered at their Residence should contact each other to verify all necessary credentials before registering for the Class.   Some Clubs, Groups and Associations or Organizations that offer and hold classes at some of their Member’s Residence do restrict the classes to their Members only,

and may use our Website to list their Classes for their Members only.


Class Registration

Classes offered are usually listed on our website and show details of the Instructor and their contact Information.    To register for a Class, add the Class to your Shopping Cart and purchase the Class.  We will send you and the Instructor all provided information relating to the Class.


Classes Offered

We will continue to add Classes relating to Jewelry Making, Metal Smith, Wire Wrapped Jewelry, Jewelry Stone Settings, Home Décor, Craft, Home Improvement,  Jewelry Repair, Quilting, Crotchet, Kumihimo,  Handmade Items, Sculpture, Art, etc.



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