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Vendor Rules and Information


American Bead Shows (ABS) also known as the Promoter in this document  reserves the right to terminate any and all contracts and remove vendors, exhibit, exhibitor, person, promotion, activity, practice, and product that it finds unacceptable.  All items sold at the show shall be approved by American Bead Shows.  Booths shall be kept clean, and all tables neatly covered.  Dealers shall be responsible for their taxes and transactions.  All exhibit facility safety and security regulations must be followed, and hazards must be reported to show management or facility personnel.  Applicant agrees that he or she by signing this contract, has read and agrees to all American Bead Shows rules in this contract.  ABS shall be held forever free and Discharged of all responsibility, personal and all liability, loss, injury and damage in connection with this show. 

Set-Up and Break-Down: Set-up will begin as stated above on the Application Form.  Show management reserves the right to prohibit vehicle access to the show floor 30 minutes before the Show Starts. Breakdown of all exhibits will begin at the closing time of the Show and all exhibits must be removed no later than 8 p.m or the specified time stated at the Show.  Any booth or materials not removed by the states Breakdown Time  will be stored at exhibitor’s expense and risk.

Definition and Use of Booth:  Booth sharing is not permitted unless authorized by ABS. No booth or any space within said booth may be assigned or shared without prior authorization by show management. No exhibitor will be allowed on the show floor until booth space is paid in full. Show management reserves the right to reserve and reassign/relocate space for any reason to benefit the show. Show management reserves the right to remove any materials, signage or booth which does not conform to the overall theme of the Show.  No material may exceed the wall height of 8 feet without prior permission of show management.  No exhibitor may use aisles for displays, signs, merchandise or promotional materials. All exhibitors located near fire exits will keep path to exits free and clear of any and all obstructions.

Insurance, Liability & Security:   All contractors, exhibitors, and/or their agents are responsible for their own insurance. ABS or any of its employees will not be responsible for injury, loss or damage from fire, storms, water, electricity, theft, labor disputes, acts of other exhibitors, acts of God or any cause whatsoever. The exhibitor releases the Promoter from all responsibility upon the signing of this contract.

Damages: Exhibitor is solely responsible for their booth space. Any damage resulting from abuse or neglect of exhibitor booth space or exhibit hall is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Utilities: ABD will provide general exhibit hall heat, lighting and bathroom facilities during the show when possible, and will not be held liable for failure of these provisions for faults or liability resulting from Natural Failure of such provisions due to Natural inclement.   ABS shall make all necessary effort within its power to restore loss of such provisions in such circumstances.  Any exhibitor requiring electricity, water or phone service specifically for their booth space must request such services in advance with their contract.

Exhibitor Responsibility: Exhibitor is responsible for the appearance and cleanliness of his booth.  No exhibitor will be allowed to breakdown or remove merchandise or exhibit materials before the end of the show.

Cancellation of Event: ABS will be released from this contract if the event if unable to open due to fire, floods, natural disasters, act of war, act of God, labor strike or any other event beyond the control of ABS. In the event of cancellation, ABS will provide a complete accounting of all funds and, after satisfying expenses, all remaining monies will be refunded to exhibitors.  Additional Regulations: AG-Expo reserves the right to enforce all the above listed regulations as well as any other regulations that ensure the safety of exhibits, exhibitors, exhibit hall and public.  ABS reserves the right to change the show dates or location, cancel the show and make refunds to vendors for the changed or canceled shows and be released from this contract without harm.    All exhibitors are subject to the rules and regulations of the Show Venue also known as the Location where the event is taking place..